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CLEMT STUDIO is a world-class high-fidelity 3D model manufacturer and design studio. CLEMT STUDIO works with many recognized global companies as an official vendor and helps designers and engineers create highly successful products and concept solutions. Keen prototype quality for product design is not an option; it is an indispensable part of a successful manufacturing process. Therefore, the people of CLEMT STUDIO have helped turn the inspirations of product design and engineering development into some of the most advanced prototype results. With an interdisciplinary team of craft masters, designers, CMF specialists and engineers, CLEMT STUDIO delivers integrated experiences that connect multiple technologies, platforms, and designs across a broad range of industries. The broad range of industries include, but is not limited to, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical and health care, appliances, automotive, TV and video, audio, entertainment devices, cameras, printers, office products, goggles, watch models and handheld mobile devices, among others. We have recently expanded global business service in Irvine, California and opened new studio in Seoul, Korea.

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We are confident that all of our processes exceed our clients’ expectations and standard guidelines of the model industry. Quality is the key principle of CLEMT STUDIO to ensure a significant value and strong reference for mass production at a competitive cost. We strive to provide the most proper solution and product using our state-of-the-art technology including lighting set up, PCB, LED, electrical designing, engineering, CMF treatments and special effects. Enhancement of quality and management systems is also intensified.

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Our legacy in craftsmanship adds quality to our clients’ designs. We strive to bring authentic quality and craft-oriented solutions to our clients’ design and engineering processes. With our thorough understanding of the design process and the artisan’s spirit, our work will satisfy the most stringent craftsmanship target and demands.

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All our ideas and passion come to life by experts and artisans that we track down through hard work. Every single one of them has an amazing skill set and most importantly is up for walking new paths with us to do the realization of our ideas.
We are confident we can meet your best quality design and mass production needs today.

STUDIO offers the highest quality mass production and prototyping available today. We employ highly experienced crew members and have an excellent assembly line to fulfill your needs. We strive to produce the highest mass production quality products which include metal machining, PCB board design, phone cases, leather product, hot stamping, embedded metal logo, brass material treatment, plated chrome, anodizing, vacuum metallization and much more. 




The true strength of our studio is the talented, passionate and committed people. Our team is qualified to develop the design solutions that are consumer focused and right for the market. The culture of our team reflects the 'ONE CLEMT' philosophy: a dynamic, collaborative team environment, where new ideas thrive and responsibility for success is a shared mind-set. Our work experience with the major corporations around the world gives us a comprehensive understanding of the global market and lifestyle trends, as well as our cutting edge integration of model solutions and digital 3D experiences. Our team also possesses the ability to navigate through a complex and multidisciplinary business environment. With the ability to clearly communicate and connect with business partners, we convey our passion for innovation and creative design processes.



CLEMT STUDIO 's Global Experiences

CLEMT STUDIO has two offices in the United States and South Korea for global projects. With these conveniently and strategically located offices, our clients can have access to our services locally, while taking advantage of our global network and transactions. Our global resources, information, and time zones make a unique 24/7/365 working process, maximizing efficiency and quality service.  

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