In the past 30 years, We've worked with the top device makers, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. The product categories in our portfolio include but are not limited to, mobile-related devices/equipment, handheld devices, TV and home connectivity systems, goggles, game devices, fashion, watch, eyewear and auto-related products. We've never made our portfolio available to the public due to our company's security policy, but when you contact us for a meeting, we will bring samples, parts, and color chips so that you can begin to experience our capability and technology.


One of our specialties is the “mobile” product category. We apply our mobile expertise to the majority of projects that we do, whether it’s for a traditional telecom player, a health care provider, a system supplier, or a wireless service provider. We have ample experience building 2G, 3G, 4G phones, LTE devices, smart phones, sliding-type text phones and qwerty phones, routers, Bluetooth accessories, headsets, docks and mounts, chargers, cases and car kits, etc.


Our portfolios include televisions, CRT/Plasma/LCD,LED & smart TVs, projectors, digital converters, stands, mounts, portable TVs, antennas, remote controls, computer monitors, 3D accessories, etc.


Our portfolios include Blu-ray players, home theater, all in one & sound bar speakers, iPad accessories, MP3 players, home audio, headphones, portable audio, satellite radio, car audio, marine electronics, boomboxes, CD players, remote controls, etc.


Our portfolios include laptops, net books, tablets, e-readers, desktops, all-in-One computers, projectors, screen, networking devices, hard drive storage, USB flash drives, CD/DVD drives, card readers, etc.


Our portfolios include inkjet, laser and all-in-one printers, webcams, mice & keyboards, tablets & pens, trackballs, wireless internet, Mac Accessories, scanners, photo printers, fax, etc.


Our portfolios include digital cameras, compact system cameras, SLR, lenses, camcorders, digital photo frames, binoculars, telescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, microscopes, etc.


Our portfolios include washer & dryer, refrigerators, freezers & ice makers, ranges & ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, disposals, small counter top appliances(toaster, juicer, blenders, coffee makers, food processor, slow cookers, waffle maker, water dispensers, stand mixer, etc.), garment care, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, fans, heaters, air purifiers & dehumidifiers, shavers & trimmers, etc.


Our portfolios include medical & health devices, oral care, hair care, skin care, baby food makers, scales, hearing & vision, personal monitoring devices, blood pressure monitors, fitness tracker, etc.


Our portfolios include, stirring wheels, wheels, automotive parts & accessories, GPS, car audio, radar detectors, car accessories, car DVD players & monitors, electric bikes & scooters, etc.


Our portfolios include , game accessories, portable game devices, watches, eyewear, etc.


Our portfolios include , accessories, watches, eyewear, etc.

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